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The United States is the home you know and love. If someone is trying to make you leave your home behind, it's crucial you speak with an immigration deportation lawyer immediately. Yunus Law offers removal defense services in Melville, NY and surrounding areas. We understand that there's a lot of fear and confusion surrounding deportation. As such, we will assess your needs individually and approach your situation with honesty and compassion.

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What should you do if you're detained?

What should you do if you're detained?

Sometimes Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) doesn't give you the opportunity to stand up for yourself or receive representation. If your family member has been detained, you need to...

Contact an immigration deportation lawyer
Gather any immigration documents you have
Hold onto a copy of the Notice to Appear (NTA)
Avoid speaking with any ICE officials

Once we know where your loved one is being detained, we'll start building their removal defense. Schedule an appointment by calling (631) 440-2728 now.