Here is UNHCR's page on Help for Afghans. Some of it is available in Dari and Pashto:

To get in touch with UNHCR in Afghanistan, please contact:

Protection Hotline: 0791990225, 0790691746 and 0704996168 (available on all working days)
Protection Email:

There is also an Interagency Website and Help Line - or 410 (toll-free and available seven days a week)

This page describes the US Department of State Refugee Admissions Program:

This page describes some options for help if you are still in Afghanistan:

This page describes options for individuals eligible for Special Immigrant Visas:

US State Department Explanation of P1 Referrals

US State Department Explanation of P2 Referrals

These pages provide information about relocation and family reunification (via P3) through UNHCR: