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Summary of Leaked Progress Report on Immigration Enforcement Order

Trump’s Executive Order on immigration enforcement, signed 1/25/17, called for a progress report within 90 days. That report was LEAKED. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. More money on the wall, more detention beds in ICE detention centers, and faster, lesse effective hiring policies for agents
  2. calls for approximately 50 MORE miles of border wall, pending funding
  3. Even though detention is at an all-time high-around 41,000 per day in January 2017-calls for an additional 1,100 detention beds and another 33,500 beds pending Congressional approval.
  4. The Administration will establish border courts that hear cases by video conference. The courts are certain to violate due process and return asylum seeker to life-threatening harms.
  5. Verified reports of abuse by border agents, but hiring standards will be loosened in order to fulfill increased hiring requirements. Polygraph tests can now be WAIVED.
  6. We can expect a dramatic increase in deportation forces. Eight new local law enforcement agencies have approved cooperation agreements (aka 287(g)s) with ICE and 18 new applications are being reviewed. An additional 50 have expressed interest.